Consumer Satisfaction and Success Stories

Consumer Satisfaction:

An ongoing survey of LegalMatch users found that 98.63% would use LegalMatch again and 98.38% would recommend it to a friend, relative or colleague who had a legal issue.*

Some of the comments from recent surveys included:

* October 4, 2005 - June 18, 2008 survey of 18,087 consumers who had presented their case to LegalMatch and successfully matched with a LegalMatch Member Attorney.


"I got 3 responses within the time frame needed for an urgent custody case...If it had not been for LegalMatch I would have been up a creek without a paddle. I intend to use the service again if I have any other legal matters." Read More - Cyndie, Seattle, WA
After handing over $10,000 and signing a two-year lease on a new apartment, Chris G.'s circumstances changed his moving plans. The landlord informed Chris that not only was he keeping the deposit but wanted two years' rent to boot! His LegalMatch attorney knew better. Read More -Chris G., San Carlos, CA
Candi couldn't believe her 80 year old mother had not only been arrested, but placed in handcuffs for hours outside of a major department store. New to the area, she had few places to turn for help. After a quick online search, she found LegalMatch, presented her case and within hours was meeting with an experienced attorney in her living room. Read More -Candi V., Arizona
When undergoing a life-changing event as stressful as a divorce, 'peace of mind' is a rare commodity. Kim B., a Portland area resident, found out first hand how the right lawyer can make all the difference. Read More -Kim B., Oregon
After being cited for a DWI, Eileen B. from Indiana knew she was short on options. With few places to turn to, Eileen found LegalMatch after a quick online search. Read More -Eileen B., Indiana
After consulting the Martindale Hubbell directory for an out-of-state family law attorney, Doris C. of Virginia was still short on vital information. "I had very specific questions," recalls Doris, "and with the holidays approaching, I needed help fast." Read More -Doris C., Virginia
Even Mary D. knew that in New Jersey an employee can't be fired while under temporary disability. What she didn't know--until she presented her case and hired a labor attorney through LegalMatch--was that she wasn't alone. Read More -Mary D., New Jersey
With so few options available, it's second nature for most to consult the yellow pages when in need of an attorney. When John P. needed a divorce arbiter who would keep the interests of his two children in mind, he discovered first hand that if you're picking names out of the yellow pages, you might as well be picking names out of a hat. Read More -John P., Texas
With fifty thousand dollars down the drain and no written contract, William S. thought he was just simply out of luck when a real estate transaction turned sour. But after a quick online inquiry, his LegalMatch lawyer felt he might have a fighting chance. Read More -William S., Florida
"LegalMatch is where I turn to for legal help. I had a speeding violation that would have had severe repercussions. I got in touch with a no nonsense lawyer from one of my many LegalMatch responses and he made sure that my fine was fair and just. I'm very happy with your service, so happy that I fired my previous divorce lawyer only to choose an extremely adept lawyer from the responses I received through LegalMatch." -Anthony L., Denver
"Regarding your LegalMatch services, I have the highest praise. We received six responses from qualified law firms to take on our case. The process was very economical and friendly for both the attorneys and myself. We would not have met with [LegalMatch attorney] Fred R. if it weren't for LegalMatch, and we are extremely pleased with his management of our litigation." -Leonardo, Florida
"I would say without a doubt that our [LegalMatch] attorney Oscar T. was the ultimate. He worked endless hours on my son's case, which was very complicated and involved. He did months of research and put his very heart and soul into it, not to mention his extreme professional ability. My son was facing a life sentence in federal prison for a very serious drug case. Oscar T. truly gave it his all and my son received the minimum sentence." -Ruth & Jack M., Nebraska
"[My LegalMatch attorney] Renee was very professional in all matters and was a very good and timely communicator. I would recommend her highly." -Thalia, Massachusetts
"The attorney I found through LegalMatch was very knowledgeable and thorough. He was very efficient with his time and, more importantly, with MINE." -Robert L., New Orleans
"I liked [my LegalMatch attorney's] philosophy of sitting down with the custodial and noncustodial parent and attempting mediation. I wish I had hired him earlier." -Catherine, Virginia
"[My LegalMatch attorney] Joseph T. contacted me immediately. After speaking with him for 45 minutes, I had enough information to work towards a fair resolution with my wife. I really appreciated his honesty and willingness to be aggressive if required. I recommended him highly and will hire him in the future if needed." -Daniel, Baltimore

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